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Electronic Check conversion

Electronic Commerce Opportunity

Payment processing services for businesses has been an enormous business opportunity in the last three decades. If you missed out on this incredible growth, now is your chance to get into the new wave of payment processing through the industry mandate of merchants being required to use EMV capable equipment, while reducing chargebacks and fees to merchants.

Good for Business

Merchant Card Services by is good for the merchant and the consumer. It allows the merchant to offer the consumer various forms of payment while we handle all the processing. Merchant Card Services enables merchants to:

  • Increase sales by accepting more methods of payment
  • Increase sales by integrating marketing with point of sale transactions
  • Enhance customer relationships by providing Cash back on Debit transactions
  • Reduce losses due to bad checks
  • Save time by faster checkouts
  • Save money by lower discount rates

Many Services to offer

Expand your opportunities by offering businesses the ability to accept Visa, Mastercard American Express, Discover, Debit cards, checks, EMV and gift cards. Be more competitive by offering our Groovv marketing platform that allows merchants to combine their social marketing with their point of sale transactions.

Your opportunity to succeed

Merchant Card Services is currently looking for self motivated outside sales representatives, who value the freedom of being independent and who can work without supervision. We realize that not everyone is suited to work a commission only position, but if you have the drive and commitment to succeed, we can offer you an incredible income opportunity.

Becoming an independent sales representative is easy. Simply Contact us and we will send you an application packet.