PayAnywhere Smart Terminal

Accept Credit Cards anywhere, anytime.

Speed and Convenience

PayAnywhere smart terminal can process all major credit cards, including Mastercard®, Visa®, American Express®, and Discover®, including EMV smart cards. PayAnywhere gives you the lowest swiped rates, while rigorously protecting your customers' personal data.

No Additional hardware required

Payanywhere card reader

With our bluetooth card reader, there is no need for additional processing hardware if you don't need a paper receipt or rather not carry extra hardware. All the hardware you need is in your pocket already - your smart phone. We also include a web interface, so you can securely enter credit card information from your PC or Mac® and view extensive reports.

Mobilize your entire workforce

Maximize your sales and add as many sub-lines as your business requires. With PayAnywhere, you and your employees will be ready to accept credit cards no matter where or when. Compatible with Android® and iOS® phones, you can easily add as many lines to a single account.

Convenient Sales and Reporting

The PayAnywhere portal gives you access to all activity on your sub-lines as well. Track your entire work force transactions, and improve your bottom line.

Ability to Swipe or key in transactions with real time authorizations. You can also log cash orders for reporting and receipts. You clients can receive emailed receipts, and you can build this information for future marketing and offers. Transaction history can be viewed online or on your phone.