Advanced Fraud Protection

Protect yourself from online fraud

Advanced Fraud Protection Package

The Advanced Fraud Protection Package meets the more robust needs of merchants with mid- to high-level transaction volumes. It provides a greater number of filters covering a wider range of fraud scenarios than the Basic Fraud Protection Package.

The Advanced Fraud Protection Package includes: / VeriSign Fraud Manager Interface

Allows those with no fraud or IT/technical experience to quickly and easily set-up, manage and review fraud protection features. Easy-to-use wizards guide you through best practices and set-up. Detailed online help guide answers all your questions.

One Free Security Audit from Qualys

Network security expert, Qualys, will "jiggle the door handles and windows" of your online business to see if you've left any part of your network or server vulnerable to hackers. Qualys will then deliver a web-based report of their security audit that ranks the severity of each vulnerability and provides links to known fixes.

Allowed IPs

Enables you to restrict account access to "allowed" IP addresses. Only machines with these IP addresses can perform merchant account transactions. All other IP addresses will not be granted access to your network.

Transaction Settings

Allows you to put controls around high-risk administrative activities, like issuing credits

Password Management

Allows you to set up, change and manage merchant account passwords.

Fraud Filters

Instantly and automatically screens your customer orders for potentially fraudulent transactions without impacting your customers' checkout process.

The Advanced Fraud Protection Package Includes ALL the features in the BASIC package PLUS blue items:

Unusual Order Filters

  • High dollar size filter
  • High item number filter
  • Shipping/billing mismatch filter
  • Product watch list filter

High Risk Payment Filters

  • AVS failure filter
  • CSC failure filter
  • IP address velocity filter
  • High risk BIN filter
  • Account number velocity filer

High Risk Address Filters

  • High risk zip code filter
  • Freight forwarder filter
  • US Postal Service address validation filter
  • IP address risk list match
  • E-mail service provider risk list match
  • Geo location failure

High Risk Customer Filters

  • Bad list filter (credit card and email address)

International Order Filters

  • High risk country filter
  • International shipping/billing address filter
  • International IP address filter
  • International AVS filter

High Risk Address Filters

  • Good e-mail list filter
  • Good credit card list filter
  • Total purchase price floor filter

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