Retail Processing

Accept credit cards, debit cards and checks using our integrated POS system or our stand alone EMV capable terminals at your storefront

Mobile Processing

Accept card payments on the go using nothing but your smart phone and our secure card reader that easily attaches to your phone. Receipts are easily emailed.

Internet Processing

Accept Mastercard®, Visa®, American Express® and even checks online at your web store securely, easily, and affordably

Tablet payment Processing

Complete POS Systems

Accept all forms of payments at your storefront using our state-of-the-art Point of Sale System, and watch your business grow with the built in social marketing platform.

ICT 220

Countertop Terminals

Accept all forms of payments, including emv easily with our smart terminals.

Web Commerce

Web Commerce

Selling online at your web store is easy with our suite of integrated products that include a payment gateway, secure server, and internet merchant account.

iWL255 Wireless terminal

Mobile Terminals

Accept credit card payments on the go with our handheld all-in-one wireless terminal or using your existing smart phone. Manage an entire sales force under one account.

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